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20.30 INDIA



Welcome to the Brain-Body Interactions virtual seminar series!


We started this initiative to create new opportunities to provide a bigger and more diverse global audience with the opportunity to interact with scientists working at the intersection of the brain and body from around the globe.


We would like to thank our audiences for attending and participating and for the enthusiastic feedback. We would also like to thank our wonderful speakers for the fantastic talks they have shared with us.


We are currently breaking for summer and will return in September with an exciting new series of talks. In the meantime, you can watch our previous talks here or on our YouTube channel.


We wish you all a happy summer and look forward to seeing you in September!


Pierre-Marie Lledo

29th Nov. 2022 - 16.00 UK

The Embodied Brain.

John Campbell.jpg

John Campbell

6th Dec. 2022 - 16.00 UK

What happens in vagus – unraveling neural circuits for heart and gut function.